Statement of Faith

The Bible

We believe the Bible to be the Word of God; that the sixty-six books comprising the Old Testament and the New Testament were verbally inspired.


We believe there is but one true and living God; that He is inexpressibly Holy, Eternal, Infinite and Perfect in all His attributes; that He possesses Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence and exists in three Persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the Unity, Trinity and Triunity of God.


We believe in the virgin birth, sinless life, the vicarious and substitutionary death, victorious bodily resurrection, present intercession and the personal and glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe He is God the Son and the Son of God.

Holy Spirit

We believe in the absolute deity and personality of the Holy Spirit; that He is the divine agent in the sinner’s regeneration and the believer’s sanctification.


We believe in the reality, personality and heinousness of Satan.


We believe that man came by way of direct divine creation and not as product of evolution; that through disobedience he became a fallen creature, totally depraved and is now spiritually dead in trespasses and sins.


We believe salvation is by the sovereign electing grace of God; that it has been provided for all, and obtained by grace through faith in the all-sufficient sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe when the righteousness of God in Christ has been imputed, good works and perseverance are produced.

Future Things

We believe in the personal, bodily and glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth. We believe in the resurrection of both the just and the unjust; in the eternal blessedness of the righteous, and the judgment and eternal punishment of the wicked.

Local Church

We believe a New Testament local church to be a company of baptized believers, voluntarily associated together for the ministry of the Word; mutual helpfulness and edification; observance of ordinances; and the propagation, to the ends of the earth, of the faith once delivered to the saints. We believe a local church should be sovereign, under God, with no ecclesiastical authority higher than itself. We believe Christians should abstain from carnal indulgence, separate themselves unto God, deny ungodliness and worldly lusts and live soberly, righteously and godly in this present world.


We believe there are but two church ordinances – Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We believe baptism to be the immersion of a believer in water in testimony of the believer’s union by faith with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. We believe the Lord’s Supper to be the symbolical partaking of bread and the fruit of the vine in testimony of the believer’s faith in the death of Christ and the efficacy of the shed blood.

The Church and the State

We believe in the absolute separation of Church and State.

Religious Liberty

We believe in religious liberty; that every man should have the right of soul liberty and freedom of conscience without coercion or molestation; and also the right to propagate his faith to others.